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The QC-RCASD, located at Queens College, City University of New York, believes that education is the key to an improved quality of life and educational outcomes must include skills, relationships, and a sense of community. We believe that we are all learners, including children on the autism spectrum, their families, community members, and all the professionals who have dedicated their careers to supporting these children and their families. The goal of QC-RCASD is to reach all these individuals through promoting educational opportunities.

Our Programs
Single Presentations

Single presentations, individually geared to the intended audience, provide participants with information on a variety of topics, such as:
- Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders
- Overview of evidence-based instructional strategies
- Functional Behavioral Assessment
- Positive Behavior Supports

Presentation Series

These presentations provide 2 or more sessions to the same group. Presentations can be either individual topics as described above, or a more in-depth sequenced set of talks within a topic. Presentations are individually geared to the intended audience.

regional conferences

Each year QC-RCASD hosts a conference with keynote presentations by internationally known experts in the field of autism, and break-out sessions delivered by a variety of presenters, including: national and local autism experts, family members, and self-advocates.

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