Department of Political Science, Queens College

The Undergraduate Program

The Political Science department at Queens College specilizes in undergraduate education. On average, the department offers 40 courses in a given semester. The department offers a flexible course of study for a B.A. degree. For students who would like more guidance in particular concentration areas, we offer three specialization tracks: International Politics, Law and Politics, and Government & Public Service (Students are not required to choose a track, but may do so.)

Declaring a Major or Minor in Political Science

Students wishing major or minor in Political Science should work out a comprehensive course of study in political science with a Faculty Advisor. To do this, students must fill out a Major Concentration Form or Minor Concentration Form, have it signed by a faculty advisor and submit the approved form to the department office prior to applying for graduation. The department will not approve students for graduation without this form.

Why Be a Political Science Major? (Click here for pdf version)

1. What Skills Can I Learn?

Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by decisions made by local, state, and national governments. Yet Americans are surprisingly uninformed about the processes and institutions that produce those decisions.  For instance, did you know that in the 2017 poll from the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center,

*More than one in three Americans (37%) could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment.

* Only one in four (26%) can name all three branches of the government. (In 2011, 38% could name all three branches.)

* One in three (33%) can't name any branch of government. None. Not even one!

But not our majors! A political science major is better able to understand how our political system works and apply this knowledge in the real world, to advance their own careers as well as to promote meaningful changes in our society.

Political and Policy Process

first and foremost, our program gives students an in-depth knowledge of our political system but also other political systems in the world. Our majors:
Civic Learning and Engagement

Our democracy depends on the ability and willingness of people to demand rights and accountability of our country’s leaders. So often, people feel as though they cannot make a difference. Our program helps students understand how they might:
•    Exercise leadership and citizenship in a dynamic society
•    Address issues of public concern and the quality of civic life in communities
•    Take or lead collective actions to promote changes
•    Influence public policy and agency decisions through civic, electoral, and political voice

Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to think clearly and rationally is important whatever you will choose to do. The new knowledge economy places increasing demands on flexible intellectual skills and the ability to analyze information and integrate diverse sources of knowledge in solving problems. Our program helps students acquire analytical skills to:
•    Assess problems, policies and policy options from a variety of perspectives
•    Discern useful information/data from bad to solve problems or make decisions
•    Think "outside the box"
•    Think logically, independently and globally

Leadership and Organization

In our dynamic society, both the public and private sectors need people who can think and plan strategically, manage diverse peoples and interests, and mobilize these effectively for actions and decisions. Our program helps students understand how they may:
•    Coordinate group efforts and collective actions
•    Aggregate interests and develop consensus
•    Interact with government and non-government officials
•    Organize information and resources

Communication Skills

Do you find some leaders and peers more persuasive than others? In today's hectic world, we rely heavily on sharing information and exchange of ideas. Good verbal and written communication skills are essential to deliver and understand information effectively and accurately. Our program helps students hone skills to:
•    Present ideas clearly and effectively, both in writing and verbal communication
•    Listen actively and critically
•    Negotiate and mediate conflicts
•    Manage social media and digital communication

Global Skills

Do you have the skills to succeed in today’s global economy? Skills such as global insights, global competence, and global perspectives? Our program can help students:
•    Understand diverse cultures and international relations
•    Understand global threats and conflicts, from conventional to unconventional ones
•    Work individually and in teams across countries
•    Understand global diplomacy and negotiation

Methods and Research

How comfortable are you with today’s data-driven world? How do you approach problem solving with scientific approaches? Our program helps you learn to:
•    Interpret and analyze data
•    Perform basic quantitative analysis
•    Perform data interpretation for broad audiences
•    Design and conduct research

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