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New Research Skills Course
(Required for students enrolled Fall 2015 and later)

The Department of Political Science faculty has decided to strengthen its major by adding a new course on research skills. This course will give students a comprehensive introduction to research methods and will provide practice in conceiving research questions and developing the skills to answer them. All of these skills will aid students in every other course they take and should also contribute powerfully to their intellectual development. These skills are also in heavy demand in the marketplace and will thus enhance students' career prospects.

All political science majors who matriculate at the College in the Fall 2015 semester or later shall take Political Science 200; the course description may be found below. The new requirement means that beginning with students who matriculate in the Fall 2015 semester or later, political science majors must take 31 credits in political science, including a seminar and the new research skills class.

Please note: This change applies only to students who started attending Queens College in the Fall 2015 semester or later. Therefore, it does not apply to students who have attended Queens College in previous semesters. Nevertheless, the department faculty believes that this course would be an excellent choice even for students who are not required to take it.

Research Skills in Political Science PSCI 200, 3 hr., 3 cr.

This course will introduce students to the tools used for conducting political science research. Students will learn (1) how to ask and frame the research question; (2) how to formulate and implement a research design; (3) how to find and evaluate information and data; and (4) how to analyze politics systematically using diverse research methods. This course is required of all political science majors.


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