Dr. Stephen Pekar
(Queens College, CUNY)
Lead Principal Investigator
Dr. Marvin Speece
(Montana Tech)
Co-Prinicpal Investigator
Shakira Brown
(Promise Academy, Harlem Children's Zone)
Middle school teacher
Howard Koss
(Queens College, CUNY)
Graduate student
Andrea Balbas
(Queens College)
Undergraduate student
David Sunwall
(Montana Tech)
Graduate student
Brian Williams
(Montana Tech)
Undergraduate student
Luke Wagner
(University of Maine)
Field camp Manager
Luciana Pandolfi
(Milan, Italy)
Field camp cook


Welcome to the Offshore New Harbor Expedition Blog Page

The Offshore New Harbor Expedition will use new tools to explore undiscovered country in Antarctica. We will collect seismic and gravity data to image and detect the depositional history of the sediments and tectonics of this region near East Antarctica from a time called the Greenhouse World. The Greenhouse World (>34 million years ago) was a time when the Earth was much warmer than today and CO2 levels in the atmosphere were as high as what they predict for this upcoming century.

We will obtain these data while at a remote field camp about 70 km away from the McMurdo Station living in unheated tents. The team will consists of 15 people: three scientists, a middle school teacher, five students, and six support personnel. During the 40 days that we are living at this remote camp, we will also be sending back written blogs, photos, and audio and video clips back to the US.


Blogs of Past Expeditions