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All faculty can be reached via email, and individual appointments can arranged between students and faculty.

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Hours and Location

Music Building
Room 203
Queens College, CUNY
65-30 Kissena Blvd.
Queens, NY 11367-1597
(Tel) 718-997-3800
(Fax) 718-997-3849

The Music Office does not accept walk-in appointments. All appointments (in-person and virtual) must be made 1-2 business days prior to the meeting. A music staff is in the office from Monday through Thursday, and the office operates virtually on Fridays.

To schedule an appointment with a music staff, please use this link.
Phone messages will be returned in 2-3 business days. You can also email ACSM@qc.cuny.edu to reach the music staff.
We appreciate your patience!

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Undergraduate Non-Curricular Requirements


In additional to course examinations, the Music School examines students when they apply to enter the program (qualifying examination), during their course of study (annual listening examinations and performance evaluations), and at the end of the course of study (senior concentration).

The Listening Examinations are based on a list of works (see below) which is divided into four examinations. Students are expected to take one of these examinations during each year of study. Identification of the composer, work, and movement for excerpts played comprise each hour-long examination. The passing grade in the listening examinations is 70. All four examinations are given each semester.

Students are individually responsible for their own preparation for these examinations. The repertoire lists are available separately in the Music Office.

Performance Evaluations (also called Progress Evaluations) are required of ALL undergraduate music majors each spring. Senior Recitals, given in the spring semester, can replace Evaluations with permission by the appropriate faculty.

Students are asked to prepare two (for Bachelor of Arts music majors) or three (for Bachelor of Music students) pieces of contrasting styles to perform before a faculty jury. The evaluations take place in the late Spring; watch the bulletin board near the Music Office for the date, instrument and time of your evaluation. Information is usually available the first week of March. It is assumed that you will take a Performance Evaluation on the instrument you played during your initial Placement Examination. Any instrument changes need to be approved.

Students are expected to present pieces at a minimum NYSSMA Level 5 for freshman and NYSSMA Level 6 for all other students. Examples of recommended pieces can be found in the NYSSMA manual on reserve in the Music Library. These are only examples. Speak to your teacher regarding appropriate pieces for your evaluation.

Online searches are now available to locate possible NYSSMA pieces for most instruments. To locate NYSSMA pieces held in the Queens College Music Library, go to CUNY+ and type in "[your instrument] NYSSMA" in the search box (e.g., "violin NYSSMA"). In the results list, click on individual titles to see the NYSSMA level. To search for specific levels, type in "[your instrument] NYSSMA level 5" (e.g., "flute NYSSMA level 5").

Please note that not all instruments have been labeled in CUNY+. We appreciate your patience as we work to add NYSSMA tags for all instruments. Remember that these pieces are just suggestions.

For more information on using CUNY+, or any Music Library resources, go to the Finding Resources section of the Music Library homepage.

Bachelor of Arts students are expected to study their instrument (or voice) with a private teacher in order to improve their performance skills; these graded evaluations help guide them in their performance development. Credit for Independent study is possible for lessons with approved teachers. The school also offers an informal lesson program known as the BA/MA Program that helps students locate low cost lessons from students in our Masters program. More information is available by contacting Professor Lipsey.

In order to remain in the Bachelor of Music program, students must make progress judged to be satisfactory by a faculty jury. Juries should be prepared with your major teacher and are graded by the faculty jury.

The Senior Concentration Examination is required of all music majors preparing for graduation. It includes both oral and written parts and tests knowledge of history, theory, analysis and the advanced subjects studied in the music curriculum. There is also a required performance component. Students who wish to take the Senior Concentration Examination must have passed at least three of the four Listening Examinations before applying for the Senior Concentration. Examinations are given at the end of each semester. Applications are available during the first week of each semester.

For Bachelor of Music students, the Senior Recital takes the place of the senior performance evaluation.


Attendance Policy

(For chamber music, Bachelor of Music private lessons, and required performance groups)

The School of Music expects regular and punctual attendance at lessons and rehearsals. Excused absences caused by illness or unavoidable personal circumstances must be reported directly to the instructor. Students who do not do so face dismissal from the ensemble concerned or from the Bachelor of Music Program.

There are fifteen weeks in each semester: fourteen weeks of classes and rehearsals plus a week of final examinations, and fifteen weeks of private lessons. Excused absences, if reported sufficiently in advance (as described above for private lessons), will be made up at the discretion of the instructor; private lessons missed by the instructor will be rescheduled. Substantial deviations from this policy should be brought to the attention of the Bachelor of Music coordinator.