Graduate Programs

The ACSM offers conservatory-level training in performance and university curricula in musical composition and scholarship leading to the Master of Arts degree. In the M.A. degree program performance students may major in a standard orchestral, keyboa rd, early, or jazz instrument, as well as classical guitar, voice, and choral or orchestral conducting. The composition, music theory and music history sequences are designed for the student planning a career as a composer, for the student, for the stude nt interested in college-level teaching, and for the student planning to enter music publishing, criticism, editing or other music-related fields.

In conjunction with the Department of Secondary Education, the School of Music also offers a music education program leading to the Master of Science degree in Music Education. The M.S. in Education degree includes methods, conducting and rehearsal te chniques, and research courses in music education. It is designed to provide professional training for those who expect to teach general, vocal, choral and/or instrumental music in elementary and secondary schools.

Master of Arts Faculty Advisors

M.A. Program Advisor--Charles Burkhart
Classical Performance--Carl Schachter
Jazz Performance--Jimmy Heath
Composition--Henry Weinberg
Music Theory--Joseph Straus
Music History--Henry Burnett

Master of Science in Education Faculty Advisor

M.S.Ed. Program Advisor--Richard Sang

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