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 The Queens College Center for Jewish Studies
Speakers Bureau 

The Queens College Center for Jewish Studies Speakers Bureau has been established as a public service to the community to foster learning and education about Jews and their culture. Supplementing the Center's numerous, varied, and rich cultural programs on the campus, the Speakers Bureau seeks to serve organizations and agencies that wish to sponsor stimulating, appealing programs for their members in the community. Its faculty resources are also available to educational institutions, such as high schools and colleges.

The Speakers Bureau is composed of outstanding faculty members from Queens College who are associated with the Jewish Studies Program on campus. Many are award-winning scholars and teachers and
internationally-recognized figures whose opinions on historical and contemporary issues are much sought after by academicians and laymen alike. They are specialists in Jewish history, sociology, philosophy, political science, music, media, and language and literature. Specific areas of expertise are as follows -

· Jewish History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern
· Sephardi Jewish history and culture
· Jewish-Christian relations
· Jewish-Muslim relations
· Jewish sectarianism in antiquity
· East European Jews
· German Jewish culture
· Latin American Jewish history and culture
· Women in Jewish history
· Israel/American relations
· American Jewry and Judaism
· New York Jewry
· Contemporary American Jewish sociology
· History of the Holocaust
· The Holocaust in film and literature
· Religious responses to the Holocaust · Biblical literature
· Medieval Jewish literature
· Modern Hebrew and Israeli literature
· Yiddish literature and culture
· American Jewish literature
· Jewish music
· History of Zionism/Modern Israel
· Israel-Arab conflict
· Israel and the Palestinians
· Jewish philosophy and thought
· Denominations in Judaism

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 Participating Faculty
In addition to the faculty listed in this booklet, the Queens College Center for Jewish Studies annually hosts visiting faculty from the United States and abroad who may also be available to participate in the Speakers Bureau. Please keep in mind that faculty also go on leave from time to time and may be unavailable.
For updates on available speakers, please call the Jewish Studies office,