Core Facility for Imaging, Cellular and Molecular Biology: rules

1.Training. All users must be trained and approved by the supervisor of the Facility before using any equipment.
Training will be provided by the supervisor or by company representatives when applicable, or by individuals designated by the supervisor, during arranged time slots. For more complex instruments (e.g., confocal microscope or the TEM) users will first receive a training session and then they will practice on their own. A follow-up session will address questions, problems and troubleshooting issues that may arise.

2. Sign-ups. Users requiring assistance from the supervisor must make proper arrangements at least 10 calendar days in advance. A specific day and time slot (beginning and end time) must be specified and agreed upon in advance.
Cancellations or other schedule changes must be made at least 48 hours before the initially specified start time.
Instruments will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations can be noted on the calendars accompanying the instruments where available (e.g., PCR machines) or can be made through the supervisor via e-mail or personal communication.
A given user is not allowed to reserve a specific instrument continuously for more than 2 consecutive days, unless permission is provided by the supervisor.

3. Independent use of equipment. Individual authorized users are responsible for proper use of Core Facility instruments. At the end of an experiment, the user must leave the instrument in the condition that s/he would like to find it next time. In case there is a problem from the beginning or something arises during use, the supervisor must be notified immediately.
Principal investigators are responsible for informing their lab members about the rules pertaining to the use of the Core Facility and for bringing in contact new users with the supervisor. Any problems or damages that might occur from unauthorized use of Core Facility equipment will be charged to the principal investigator.

4. Logs. All users must log in their use of any instrument in the accompanying notebook or calendar.
The information that should be noted includes: user’s name, date, time slot occupied, specific parameters used (when applicable), and any problems possibly encountered.

5. Consumables. When financial and other conditions permit, certain consumables will be provided by the Core Facility (e.g., immersion oil, lens paper, kimwipes, glass slides). However, users are responsible for obtaining the required consumables for experiments (e.g., solutions or dyes) according to experimental protocols and instrument specifications.

6. Access, maintenance and administration. Access to certain instruments (e.g., confocal microscope, TEM, compound microscopes) will be provided exclusively by the supervisor. In cases where keys are borrowed, they must be returned immediately after the end of the user’s session. Users are not permitted to give away borrowed keys without prior agreement with the supervisor.
The maintenance of the instruments will be carried out by the supervisor. Possible changes on service contracts (cancellations or additions) will be made after reviewing and evaluating use 2-3 months before the end of the fiscal year. These and other administrative decisions will be made by the Core Facility committee. The committee reserves the right to modify the present rules to suit possibly new conditions.

7. Absence of supervisor. At least one person per instrument will be designated as a contact in cases when the supervisor is absent. These persons will provide access and assist with use if needed. They may provide training to new users but final approval for independent use must come from the supervisor.

8. Core Facility acknowledgement. If any equipment was used to conduct any experiments included in a journal publication, poster or other type of presentation, the Core Facility must be referenced in the “acknowledgements” section using the following phrase:
“This work was conducted in part using equipment in the Core Facility for Imaging, Cellular and Molecular Biology at Queens College."
Also, the supervisor must be notified of any publications where the Core Facility is acknowledged. At minimum, the citation must be sent by e-mail. Ideally, an electronic or hard copy of the publication would be provided.

Failure to abide to any of the above rules will result in the immediate loss of access to equipment in the Core Facility.