The Core Facility for Imaging, Cellular and Molecular Biology at Queens College includes research equipment available to all CUNY researchers, including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and research staff. The Core provides state-of-the-art tools for visualization of biological, physical and chemical specimens. Additionally, there are integrated systems that aide in the quantitative analysis of the resulting data, and the preparation of high-quality presentation graphics.
It encompasses various instruments ranging from basic laboratory equipment such as centrifuges and deep freezers, to more specialized equipment such as a confocal microscope, various PCR machines and a biolistic device. The Facility is supervised by a full-time research associate who oversees the function and the maintenance of the instruments. Training sessions are offered and the goal is for users to work independently. Thus, the Core Facility can be used as a means to assist researchers in conducting experiments for specific projects, as well as a means for students to learn new experimental techniques. The Core Facility has been expanding based on collaborative efforts between members from different science departments. The aim of these efforts is to address a broader range of research needs at Queens College, and at CUNY at large, by acquiring new instruments and maintaining existing ones.
All Core Facility equipment are housed in the
Science Building.
There are certain
rules and regulations that apply to users of the Core Facility.
The Core Facility is supported by Queens College,
CUNY, and grants from the National Science Foundation and CUNY.
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