The Lawrence Eisman Center for Preparatory Studies in Music at Queens College Musical Theater Summer Workshop: Kimberly Larkin, Program Director



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CUNY Queens College
CPSM, NMB #337
65-30 Kissena Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11367

What they are saying about the CPSM Musical Theatre Summer Workshop

Kieran Larkin
From: Bellerose Village, NY
Attended the workshop for 7 summers
What JK said about his experience:
"I remember my first day of camp unlike any other. My mom walked me into Room 270 and, although I hadn't even introduced myself to anyone yet, I felt like I was at home. CPSM has been my second home for the past 7 years and has allowed me to have a creative outlet unlike anything I have ever experienced. If I were to try to pick one thing that makes camp as amazing as it is, I would say that it is the most accepting place on earth. At camp, there are no outsiders. We are all spending our days together, doing what we love, and if that isn't the most beautiful thing on earth, I don't know what is. Although my days as a camper have ended, I will never forget the memories that I have, the scenes that I've done, or the friends that I've made, and I am proud to call it my home away from home."

Olivia McKay
From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 6 summers
What Olivia said about her experience:
"CPSM has been a home to me since I was ten years old. I had no dance experience, no formal singing or acting lessons, and I'd only been in one play before. CPSM made me realize that musical theater is one of my greatest passions, and even though I've aged out of camp, I plan to continue with my career in musical theater for many years to come. This camp has given me not only a wonderful place to learn and perform, but it's also provided me with some of the best people I've ever met. You really make a connection with every single person you meet at this camp, and I've never been to another place quite like it. I fell in love with this camp when I was ten, and I never want to leave. I look forward to coming back to help other kids live out their dreams of performing, and help others thrive as I have at this camp. Kim and the entire staff are truly amazing and inspiring, and I can't think of another place I would rather spend my summer."

Katarina Fradenburg
From: Bayside, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers
What Kat said about her experience:
"On the first day of CPSM, in 2012, I was so nervous about singing in front of people and making friends. Instantly when I walked in the door everyone was so welcoming and I wasn't really nervous anymore. When I had to sing the first day I was even more nervous because I never trained in singing and I wasn't confident at all. The minute I started singing everyone was so encouraging and it helped relieve my nerves. Every year I count down the days until camp starts because CPSM is what I look forward to through the year. I have grown so much from 2012 to now with CPSM. I appreciate everything Kim and all the staff have done for me -it has helped me so much! I have made some of my best friends here and I never want to leave camp! I am so sad this was my last year and I cried so much but I cannot wait to hopefully come back next year as a volunteer!""

Meconan Ashe
From: Forest Hills, NY
Attended the workshop for 2 summers
What Meconan said about his experience:
"I have to admit I was really surprised by how much I loved CPSM. When I first started, I didn't really know what to think of it. I can really say that in all my years of breathing, I have never felt such an amazing feeling than at this camp. The other kids were really cool, the activities we did kept me interested and it was just an amazing experience for me. Being at this camp has made me feel a lot less anti-social and down, and has actually made me feel like I have a lot of reasons to smile and be happy about.
This camp has also helped me improve my acting. I felt like I could finally show the world how talented Meconan Ashe truly is. Before this, I was just in the background of plays. I never felt like I was important. But CPSM helped me with that. I had bigger parts in scenes.
Being at this camp has also made me realize how I am a pretty good dancer and singer. Before camp I wasn't really into dancing or singing. Now I am really enjoying it.
Basically being at CPSM-MTSW has been an amazing life changing experience for me."

Marc Gross
From: Douglaston, NY
Attended the workshop for 2 summers
What Marc said about his experience:
"My two year experience with CPSM was really great. At first I was nervous to be there because I didn't know anyone there. I also have a speech and language disability, which makes it very hard for me to communicate with my peers. In my first year I was considered by some of the other kids to be “weird” because of my inability to talk with the other kids. Even though it was hard I enjoyed working with Kim and her staff. In my second year I challenged myself to try to talk with the kids at camp and to make friends with them, it worked! All the kids were very nice to me. CPSM gave me the confidence to be able to always try to socialize with all my peers always. I would like to thank Kim and the staff for understanding my disability, which makes it hard for me to fit in. I want them to know that my experience working with the teachers at CPSM has made me a better actor, singer, and dancer but most important to me, they have helped me become a better social person. I only wish that I had attended CPSM much longer."